01. He put a worm on the [hook] and dropped his line into the water.
02. A couple of fish have touched the [hook], but nothing has bitten yet.
03. I drilled a hole in the wall to put the picture [hook] into.
04. He [hooked] the trailer to the car and drove away.
05. We have a bottle opener that [hooks] onto the wall in the kitchen, for opening beer.
06. He [hooked] his arm around her waist and led her on to the dance floor.
07. The teacher [hooked] her finger under the collar of the young boy's shirt and dragged him out of the room.
08. I [hooked] a nice sized salmon within minutes of putting my line in the water.
09. He flattened his opponent with a right [hook] to the jaw.
10. Be careful of his left [hook]; if he catches you with that, the fight will be over.
11. The first time my son started reading the book, he got [hooked].
12. She has been [hooked] on drugs for years, and is in really bad shape.
13. I put up some [hooks] in the cupboard to hang the teacups on.
14. The old man has a large [hooked] nose, and piercing brown eyes.
15. Birds of prey, such as owls and eagles, all share the common features of talons with sharp claws, a sharp [hooked] beak, and large eyes.
16. The young boy jerked his fishing pole upwards when he felt something bite, in order to set the [hook] in the fish's mouth.
17. Your new jacket fell off the [hook] onto the floor, and I accidentally stepped on it.
18. In the days of the explorers, Tahitian girls exchanged sexual favors with sailors for nails, which could easily be bent into fish [hooks].
19. In ancient Egypt, the bandaging of a mummy took from 6 to 8 months, and required special tools, including a long [hook] that was used to draw the dead person's brains out through his nose.
20. A Creole proverb warns, "Don't hang all your clothes on one [hook]."
21. A French proverb states that without grace beauty is an unbaited [hook].
22. A Mongolian proverb notes that the fish sees the bait not the [hook], and a man sees not the danger - only the profit.
23. Ralph Waldo Emerson once suggested that beauty without grace is the [hook] without the bait.
24. Samuel Johnson once said that a fishing rod is a stick with a [hook] at one end and a fool at the other.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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